momsteachsex – big dick trick or treat for step-mom and step sis s11:e7

I was at first reluctant to accept given my level of attraction to Amanda Rae. One Yesporn that had been strong since our teenage years. Now 8 years later she was still stunning. Amanda Rae stands about 5ft. 1in. Tall. She has long dark brown hair. Dark like Chestnuts, soft blue/gray eyes, fair but not pale complexion. Kind of a light caramel color that tans to a deep golden brown that the sun generally bleaches natural honey highlights into. But then there is her figure. She is Petite, and as I said 5ft 1in tall, and about 125 – maybe 130lbs. In high school she had always been into Volleyball and Softball so she was quite athletic built. Now she had not lost a single step. Her breasts had always been a bit on the larger side, and still were at a 40-DDD, a tight tummy and wide almost betty boop class hips. She was a 50’s and 60’s pin-up Goddess!